1.  The Akasha Center for Integrative Medicine

Located in Santa Monica, California, the Akasha Center provides a balance of body, mind, spirit, and advanced medicine.

2.  American College of Sports Medicine

A great resource for scientifically proven information about health and fitness.


3.  Akasha Naturals

Supplements backed by science.


4.  Drive Cardio

An immaculately clean, no-frills gym with classes that will transform your body once you are ready to stop making excuses.


5.  Bodies by Sergio

A NASM certified personal trainer with a superhuman ability to motivate clients.


6.  State of the Heart Fitness

Located at Loew’s Santa Monica Beach Hotel, the State of the Heart Fitness center feels more like a spa than a gym.  They provide full fitness assessments, personalized exercise plans, and private training.  Monthly gym membership is available in a beautiful and calming setting.



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